Home Ventilation Systems

Bedrooms and Living Areas

Home ventilation systems are very effective for removing dust and toxins from the air. They can help keep your home temperature controlled and comfortable all year round,  without the use of air conditioning or heaters. East Coast Eco can help you maintain your system. Filter changes, service, repairs, new fans or replacement ducting.

If your system needs a tune up get in touch with us today as they are only effective if the are working correctly!


man on ladder looking through skylight
Ventis air filter
Subfloor or Underfloor Systems

When your sub floor ventilation is inadequate in your home this can cause several long term problems including weakness in your sub floor structure which can lead to rotting and mould which is very unhealthy in your home.

Talk to us about installing an appropriate system, that can replace the damp air under your house with new fresh air. 

If you already have a system that doesn’t seem to be working correctly we can come and take a look and help you get it functioning effectively once again!

Subfloor ventilation system install
Mould and moisture in subfloor

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